Ubiquiti BULLET-M2-HP Outdoor 802.11 B/G/N M2HP

rate 3.5
  • Brand: Ubiquiti
  • Category: Wireless Access Points

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The Bullet M2 HP is a revolutionary outdoor radio device that features a signal strength LED meter for antenna alignment, a low-loss integrated N-type RF connector, and a strong and robust weatherproof design. This inline wireless access point can instantly transform any antenna into a carrier class radio system. Get the most of your WiFi through an easy setup process with the Bullet M2-HP.

Technical Details
  • Brand Name: Ubiquiti
  • Model: BM2HP
  • WIRELESS AP/CPE, OUTDOOR 802.11b/g/n 600mW
Otis 2.0
23 of 26 people found the following review helpful
We were amazed at the form and performance specs for the Bullet HP2 and Bullet HP M. We own at least 25 units. After a couple of years of frustration with no technical or customer support from Ubiquiti and at least a 50% failure in the field, we are going to replace these with something different. The Bullets should not be sold as outdoor units. They get moisture inside and fail. Good idea - bad manufacturing. I write this because I just pulled, yet another Bullet HP2 off a tower and it is ... full of water and corrosion. $79 is not cheap when you have to climb and replace the units like cheap lightbulbs. More >
BigV 4.0
11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
I purchased this for use in a Motorhome connected to a WifiRanger Pro. The Ranger has a plug for their own version called the WFRBoost. The Bullet2-HP is higher powered and with a proper antenna can reach an access point MILES away.One caveat is that it is too powerful for close in connections. Dialing down the power settings does not really seem to help. If you try to use it to connect to an access point too close you will over power the access point and not only will it not connect but can ... cause interference with anyone else trying to connect.I mounted mine to an 8db omni directional antenna. That in turn was mounted to a telescoping flag pole with a mount that slides in the receiver hitch. That setup allowed me to connect to a public hotspot at a Marina while camped a couple of miles away on the beach.For a primary use in campgrounds and RV parks I would recommend the lower powered bullet2 and a 3db antenna.I dropped a star because to a novice it can be somewhat intimidating. The interface is intuitive if you have a networking background or are using something like the Ranger. A beginner will be very confused as to how to set one up. More >
Georgie Rhein "wordmaster" 3.0
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
Regardless of what the product descriptions states, This unit needs to be under cover. Will fail within months from water intrusion or overheating in the sun. Not for the novice to set up and won't work out of the box. Extremely sensitive to power surges and needs some sort of power protection (surge protector). As a previous reviewer noted, these have a high failure rate but if you're willing to take steps to protect the unit it will work well for you. Certainly the most powerful long-range uni ... t we've had.. More >
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